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The Starving Archaeologist




Welcome to the online gallery "The Starving Archaeologist."

While the name is tongue in cheek, any funds made from selling art in the online gallery will go toward funding my ongoing Ph.D. research.  I am an archaeologist who focuses on the brilliance and knowledge we see in the technologies of past peoples and living descendent communities.

I come from a long line of starving artists and eccentric innovators who have found human relationships superior to financial success. We live, however, in a capitalist society, which means that my ability to keep doing what I love--archaeology or art--is dependent on my ability to acquire proper funds.


It may have been the stress of grant writing that first prompted me to pick up my paint brush again. Or maybe it was qualification exams. Either way, I have way too many paintings lying around that need good homes. Hopefully they find them soon!

Explore the Collection

I am the sole artist of the pieces in this collection

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